NEW! Tick Removal Kits, from Flylife.

As summer is in full swing and all us outdoor enthusiast head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, few of us are aware to the dangers that ticks present to us nowadays.  Not nearly as obvious as some of the larger threats out there such as bears, coyotes, venomous snakes, to name a few, and the populations of this invasive blood sucking arachnid have been on the rise in the last couple decades.  The small amount of blood that the tick ingest isn’t the actual problem, but it’s the pathogens that they carry where the real danger lies.  Whether it’s Lyme disease which has become more prevalent in the past few years in the eastern half of the US and Canada, but also showing up in the west, or Rocky mountain spotted fever in the western half, just two of the diseases that can be contracted from a tick bite.  The threat is real and can ruin an outing, and have long-term lingering health affects as well.

At Fly Life company we recognize the risks of being out in the bush as we’re avid flyfishers, we’re often bushwhacking and trudging through tall grass to get to our favorite fishing holes.  Perfect tick habitat!  No matter how careful we are to avoid ticks at some point or another a lot of us will encounter or find a tick trying to make a quick meal of us, and it’s at this point where safe removal of the little vampire is important to minimize the risk of infection, and this is why we’ve added “TICK REMOVAL KITS” as a part of out 2018 product lineup!

An integral part for not only us fly fishermen, but any outdoor enthusiast alike during any outdoor activity.  A must have for anyone planning to venture out in nature or even our suburban parks this summer, and well into the fall.  Get yours today on our site linked below, and keep yourself safe this year!





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