Fly Life’s first annual Panfish on the fly tournament !!!

So the long anticipated first Flylife company tournament is soon upon us.  The date is set on June 16th, between 6pm and 8pm.  Best time to catch big panfish on the fly. This is an opportunity to not only get out fishing but also meet and connect with other fellow fly fishers, enjoying the sport we covet so much.  Share tips, network, and simply have fun.

First and foremost the tournament will be held at Tottenham Conservation area, off 4th line (Mill street west). Free parking on the south side.  Google map coordinates (6789-6889 Mill St W, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0)

The Rules and guidelines are as follow:

  • Tournament starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm. Saturday June 16th.
  • Entry fee is $25
  • 15 contestants allowed, and participants must pre-register as entries are limited.
  • To register email us at , direct message us on instagram fly_life_co or call 416-779-3193.
  • Sunfish and Crappie are the targeted species: Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, and Black Crappie are present in the host waterbody.
  • Highest total weight within that 2 hours period wins!
  • Fly fishing method ONLY!
  • One pole per contestant
  • Single hook set up
  • Barbless hooks
  • Catch and Release ONLY!
  • Shore fishing ONLY! No boats, kayaks, or any other personal watercraft.
  • Should there be a tie the winner will be decided by coin toss.


Prizes would be as follow


1st  Place – $140

2nd Place – $80

3rd Place – $60

4th Place- $40

5th Place – $30

6th place – $25


There will also be giveaways, we’ll treat you good and make sure everybody has a good time during the first big meet up of Fly Life Nation!


See you all soon.

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