Semperfli is one of Fly Life Company’s highlighted products.  Well known throughout the fly fishing industry, their quality is tops in the business as many fly tiers will attest.  Offering a wide array of fly tying material to satisfy anyone engaged in creating their own arsenal of flies, whether you’re a novice or seasoned pro:  From silks, and wools, nymph dubbing, chenille, feathers and foams.  Our lineup of Semperfli products caters to many fly fishing situations whether dry flies are your thing, nymphing the deeper pools, or stripping streamers.  Trout, bass, pike, panfish, sweet water, salty, cold water, warm water, the possibilities are up to you!

Tying your own flies can be a very rewarding part of the sport, and we would love to encourage all fly fishers at any level of experience to try it out.  Disengage yourself from the myths of high expense or diffuculty intimidating you from trying it out.  There are many beginner flies to try out at first, simply get yourself a good supply of materials and tying media and start creating!  We at Fly Life Company will be happy to start you off with our competitively priced products.

Check out our Semperfli line up.


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