Fly Life introduces “Fair Flies” to the Canadian market.

As fall looms and the temperatures start to cool down our Fly Life line up is only just heating up. is proud to introduce Fair Flies to our inventory, and brand new to the Canadian market.  Fair Flies is a ground breaking new product that will change the game of fly tying in more ways than one.

First of all their Fly fur and brushes are superior to the usual materials that we’re all more familiar with, it’s performance is more dynamic and produces a more natural flow underwater, making for a better presentation that fish can’t resist, outclassing media such a marabou.  Next, quality is of top priority with their product, with the potential for your flies to last longer, enabling you to catch more fish, and get the most out of your homemade flies.  Time being a finite resource, you want be tying less flies and fishing more!  Need we say more?

Finally Fair Flies is exactly just that, “Fair”!  Fair flies are produced in Nepal, offering the residence there a fair wage and meaningful employment.   It doesn’t just stop there.  They actively work with groups and organizations working to help people in exploitative or nefarious situations break free, offering them a more healthy and ethical living situation.  Big on improving the community and caring for our fellow man.  For the flyfisher who cares about not only the environment and our fish stocks, but our society as a whole and health of the planet, this is the game changer.  You can ensure that no man, woman or child’s life was exploited in the making of this product, and by choosing “Fair Flies” not only are you getting a great product to up your fishing game, but you are supporting an ethical product.  It’s right there in their slogan; “Trade not Aid”

Check out their product line on our site.


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