From Hobby to Passion. From Passion to Lifestyle.

What started with an idea in a warm garage one frigid January evening, blame it on cabin fever from the off season depression, the passion for the sport, the drive to take on a new project, or all of the above, Fly Life company has been around for just over a year now and the drive to keep it growing is stronger still than that first cold winter’s day.  Evolving into a full on fly fishing company from a simple idea and a logo, the future prospects of Fly Life. Co, continue to be the same; growing and promoting the sport we love to the far reaches of the outdoor community.  Breaking the stigma surrounding fly fishing that it’s only a “rich mans” sport or that it’s overtly technical, Fly fishing is a sport to be enjoyed by any age group, any person from any financial bracket, and you don’t have to be a mathematician nor old retired renaissance man to engage and succeed at the sport.

The first products offered to the fly fishing community, we can call it the “gateway” products were clothing made to appeal to any fly fisher, promoting Fly Life as a brand and lifestyle.  Now only one year later we’ve expanded our line, carrying top quality products or equipment catering to all needs of the fly fisher from hooks, and leaders, to recently some of the best quality line out there on the market, fly tying material and lanyards.

Fly Life co will continue to expand our line up, offering everything needed to get into and support your needs in this great lifestyle.  We will continue to grow the brand with great standout designs that when worn will let everyone know just how strong your allegiance to the sport of fly fishing lies,  and other projects are in the works from guiding, to education, and events.

Above all the best experience since starting Fly Life co has been all the great people we’ve met from all over the World.  All who share the same passion for this lifestyle that we have and sharing experiences and moments that can only be had from getting outside and living the fly life.



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  1. Robert Clark says:

    Truly amazed on how down to earth Fly Life Co is. Your super supportive to all the levels of fly fishing from beginning to advance. I’m truly humbled to be part of a great company that’s making a difference in the fly fishing world. Great job.

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