The Fine Art of Fly Tying

We’ve talked about the subtle art form that is the sport of fly fishing, which seems to be the perfect blend of art and science bar none, for those who’ve deeply indulged themselves into the sport there is that next level of ART or obsession if you will to take it to.   In comes the fly fishermen or girl who is ambitious enough to command their own destiny and morph into the true artistry of “fly-tying”.

Here is where one becomes one with nature and one with their quarry, knowing what their target species is feeding on during different times of the year and learns to create that “perfect” imitation to fool an unsuspecting fish.  One might say that you can simply buy your own flies but where’s the fun in that!  Besides, not only does buying your own fly tying material and hooks cheaper in the long run with all the flies you lose, which can run you anywhere from $3 to $10 a fly on average, but it’s also much more rewarding catching that trophy fish on something that you created!

Another advantage to “mastering” the art of fly tying is that rather than just purchasing the “average” or generically tied commercial fly you can learn to “perfect” and create a more superior rendition of a particular fly.  Skies the limit to what you can produce when you start to experiment with all the various elements and material available to you.  As vast as the colours of paints that a canvas painter has to play with, there is a plethora of material to create with from tinsel, to real and artificial feathers, furs, foams, yarns, etc.  With so many possibilities you can learn to imitate any prey items that any sport fish would come across in their natural environment.

So where to start once you’ve purchased all the equipment and accessories necessary for fly tying?  Well as we live in the age of social media, there are many great tutorials and live feeds available to anyone looking to develop the proper technique and use of all the tools.  If you’re more a traditionalist, there are a great many books written on the subject. Your first few flies may not be a work of art, but like any other artist first starting at their craft, patience and determination is key to becoming a master of your craft.  If you’re an avid fisherman or girl already then you may have already mastered the art of patience to begin with.  Happy fly tying!

FLyLife_Hook_Pro OttawaTroutBUM_Pro

Photo courtesy of Ottawatroutbum

photo courtesy of Gravy_trout

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