Flyline…! Now from Flylife company.

As a flyfishing company it was only a matter of time before it would happen, COMING SOON, Flylife company will add fly line for all situations of fly fishing to our arsenal of products offered to our customers.  Whether dry flies is your preferred method, nymphing, trout your main quarry, bass, pike or even marine, we will have a variety of lines to choose from to suit your niche.

We our proud to mention to that our fly line with be “Made in Canada”, supporting local business and economy.  If there’s any country to trust when it comes to fishing equipment, I’d like to think the country with the most volume of freshwater and longest coastline of any other country would make a premium product.

As fall approaches giving into winter, there will be limited fishing opportunities ahead but the whole fly line lineup will be good to go for the Spring of 2018.




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